Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"hello, miss holland, how do I navigate?"

I was working on my list of Christina Stead links when, after adding a few more pages and looking back over the post, I realised that it was getting monstrously long. "Navigation is becoming difficult," I thought. "Split it up." So the different sections have been separated, now, into a series of posts, like so:


The original post.

General Commentary on Christina Stead.

Commentary on The Man Who Loved Children.

Commentary on Letty Fox: Her Luck.

Commentary on miscellaneous other books published by Stead.


The link in the sidebar still leads to the original now-ex-list, which can serve as a springboard to the rest.

I've borrowed the title of this post from The People with the Dogs. Serendipity; I opened the book and there it was.

At the foot of the stairs there was a small heavy press. Miss Waldemeyer said:

"Hello Miss Holland, how do I navigate?"

"What was all that shouting, Waldie?"

"A man stabbed his wife. I guess it was his wife."

This is on page 11 in the Virago edition.

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