Sunday, November 14, 2010

Warnie Hat

There'll be no post here this week. We're due out of this house tomorrow and still we're having conversations like this:

M: Should I keep this?

Me: Where else are you going to find a Summer of Cricket Warnie hat?

The paint on the walls is so old that I'm not sure whether the brown I'm cleaning off is filth or its natural colour. Large cracks in the plaster, but they were there to start with. The house spider has gone into hiding.

Some friends of ours are launching an album in Melbourne tonight. It's their fourth, I think. Dreampop, with dulcimer and flute and so forth. Nick is a demon on the strings. I'll exert all sinews to be there, but the wall-filth is calling.


  1. Happy housewarming in your new place:)

  2. Hold onto that hat - aren't you going to Arizona? I'm not knocking that state - it has some of the most beautiful landscapes I've seen, (I like windswept empty kind of scenery), but my impression is that it's pretty low on supplies of Warnie hats, (of course, that may be why you're moving there).

  3. Will Americans know Warnie? Still, it might get some discussion going? I loved discussing cultural differences in America and how different can you get with a sport whose games last for 5 days?

  4. If M.'s mother is a reliable guide to the native knowledge base then they wouldn't know Warnie if they fell over him. He could eat at In-n-Out Burger in perfect peace. He could wear a Cardinals hat and shop for cloth whimsies at Jo-Ann Etc. He could climb the mighty saguaro. He could tour the dairy farms and the cotton fields. The woodpeckers would welcome him. I don't have the stats, but there is probably not a Warnie hat in the entire state. Doubtless our Talking Shane Warne Stubbie Holder will be greeted with cries of awe.

    Thanks Lisa. After cleaning the last house, I've decided that the next place we live in will have no walls and no windows and no floors. I think we will end up living in a gigantic net above a lake, and when we want to knock the dust off we'll just lower the whole thing into the water, leave it there for ten minutes, and then winch it up again; job done.

    Sorry I didn't see you before we flew out. I left it too late, and things were a bit demented toward the end.

    Everyone: I'm sharing a computer so 'scuse me if I don't post at your blogs for a while. My time here is limited.