Saturday, March 20, 2010

as they are

I've decided to turn my list of Christina Stead links into a separate page of its own, rather than a series of posts. The posts are still there, but from now on I'll leave them as they are and only update the page.


  1. Good idea! Makes it much easier to find - am hoping to get to The Man Who Loved Children at long last this Easter...and will try not to be intimidated by all that scholarly commentary!

  2. Don't be. Not all of it is scholarly, for a start. "This book was really depressing!" mopes someone at Goodreads. "Ugh!" Good commentary is a pleasure in itself. "That's wonderful," I think, reading it. "I hadn't thought of that. Oh, now I see how I might have looked at it." The Slate discussion is a six-page beauty.