Friday, March 26, 2010

when the nargun began to leave

Weeks ago I was sitting with a group of people when one of them told us she was trying to write a fantasy novel, but an Australian fantasy novel, she said, with Australian mythology, not a European fantasy novel, not European mythology --

Oh, said one of the other women almost straight away, there's an author you should read -- she writes for children but she's incredible, very good, and she writes Australian fantasy, The, what was it -- The Nargun and the Stars -- and other books -- now -- her name -- her name --

Australian author Patricia Wrightson dies at 88


  1. A huge loss to the children's literature landscape - her writing was truly special and is still enchanting children today.

  2. Every time I hear her name I see an illustration of the Potkoorok in my old copy of the Nargun (wherever it's got to), sitting on a rock, about (I think) to eat an apple, and looking somewhere between a muppet and a frog. So my head today has been all Potkooroks.